Doctor Puts US Return On Hold, Treats Farmers For Free At Delhi Border

Doctor Puts US Return On Hold, Treats Farmers For Free At Delhi Border

Delhi Borders
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New Delhi: Amid the continued farmer’s protest against the Central Agri laws at Delhi borders, American cardiologist Dr. Swaiman Singh has decided to place his return to New Jersey on hold and has been camping at the Tikri border for the past 3 months providing free checkup and medicine to protestors.
The doctor runs the sole super specialty hospital in Tikri that holds medical camps and distributes medicines for free of charge .

Swaiman Singh told ANI, “We give service to everyone, not just farmers. Locals, policemen, and CRPF men also come here to urge treatment. on the average 4,000 to 6,000 people get treated at our camp in 24 hours. The camp works till night. this is often the sole super specialty hospital in Tikri”.

He said, “I wont to found out medical camps here per annum , We treat people over a period of your time and that they become our relations . One such patient had a stroke during the dharna and he called me. I came here to assist him”.

“Then i assumed of staying here for five days and after having found out a camp with doctors on my payroll. I even have decided to postpone my return to the US and can continue my work there,” he said.

“But once I saw the hardship of those people with hardly any doctors and no medication I changed my mind. I understood i used to be their ray of hope. Now it’s been 3 months since I’m here,” he added.

On asked if it had been a tough decision to go away a well-paying job within the US and work on Tikri he said, “Money wasn’t the difficulty to me, i’m from a well-to-do family by God’s grace. People were dying on the roads. There comes a time in life where we’ve to believe others instead of ourselves. As a doctor I even have signed up to serve, this is often my duty. “

“All of our services are freed from cost. If we include telemedicine services, 1,000 doctors work here with me. they’re those fixing such a lot effort. I mostly guide them and does supervision. 2 weeks before we did a free complete blood checkup, ” he added.

“Apart from doing medical service we’ve expanded to having a library and providing shelter for on the brink of 10,000 people. We do cleaning drives, plant trees, and run a supermarket that supplies’ daily essentials’ for free of charge,” he said.

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