Day 113 of farmers’ stir: backdrop shifts, but the intensity remains intact

Day 113 of farmers’ stir: backdrop shifts, but the intensity remains intact

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The farmers’ protest at the Delhi borders entered its 113rd day on Thursday, and therefore the landscape has changed noticeably too. Green-coloured residential structures have replaced the cluster of stacked up tractors and trolleys at the beginning of the protest.

The makeshift structures have area codes written in bold — especially those built by farmers from Punjab — for others to understand the villages they’re from. as an example , PB 43 for Samrala, PB 45 for Talwandi Sabo, PB 46 for Tarn Taran then then forth.

Sitting inside his makeshift yet pucca house, which features a television installed along side newly-bought curtains and fans, at the Singhu border protest site, 70-year-old Kuldeep Singh said that similar structures are going to be built when summer peaks. the color , he said, reflects the daylight and keeps the inside cool.

Another change is more room for walking due to comparatively fewer tractors, besides access to inside routes for commuters. The barricades installed inside Singhu village and at its border are removed. The tractor-trolley show, which wont to happen on a daily basis as a show of their strength, has stopped also .

Over the previous couple of weeks, the amount of langars has also reduced. However, the larger ones are still functional. “Most people have started making their food on the brink of where they live. Now, it’s more like people have settled down,” said Harvinder Singh from Ludhiana.

Sustaining intensity
Protesting farmers said their numbers may fluctuate, but the protest will continue until an answer is reached in their favour. “We are all busy with farming now, because it’s that point of the year when our field needs us the foremost . In three weeks, it’ll be the time to chop the crop. To be ready to continue that, people are available shifts from the villages. One thing is obvious , regardless of what, the protest will continue albeit numbers dwindle,” said Hardeep Singh (38) from Kapurthala.

Kashmir Singh (70), from Tarn Taran, said that they had come prepared for 6 months. “It’s only been about four months now. We are prepared to remain till next Lok Sabha elections,” he said.

Jaswant Singh from Kapurthala said that he had never visited Delhi. “I had no concept life had this future on behalf of me that i will be able to come to Delhi and stay for this long,” he said.

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