Pretty tents to decorate farmers' protest site

Pretty tents to decorate farmers’ protest site

Ghazipur boder
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Farmers are busy competing with one another beautifying their respective tents placed at the protest sites on the borders of the capital .

The farmers are protesting at the Delhi border since November 26.

The tents placed near the protest site at the Ghazipur border are beautified by farmers placing flower pots and applying other creative means. one among the farmers has also built alittle forum outside the tents and has surrounded it with greenery. These tents look quite beautiful and attractive while they’re adorned with various flowers.

Baba Jagga, one among the protesters sitting at the Ghazipur border, told IANS, “We love everything whether it’s cultivating flowers or paddy cultivation, one feels good in such a green environment, it feels better to take care of cleanliness all around while it also makes the tents beautiful.”

Rajveer Singh Jadaun, Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) Uttar Pradesh state President, told IANS, “It is natural for the farmers to plant trees wherever he/she lives. The farmers need to occupy the protest site for an extended time in order that they are beautifying their tents.”

Initially, the farmers had pitched tents, but with each passing day, they’re trying to form the tents their second home, and thus are leaving no stone unturned to form them beautiful. Farmers coming from different states at the protest site are beautifying their tents in their own distinct ways.

Some farmers are beautifying their surroundings with greenery outside their tents, while some are making them attractive by painting them. Some farmers are busy giving a definite makeover to their tents by writing on agricultural subjects displayed on their tents.

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