Protestors start returning to Singhu and Tikri borders as harvest season ends

Protestors start returning to Singhu and Tikri borders as harvest season ends

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NEW DELHI: The Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM), an umbrella body of over 40 farmer unions, on Tuesday said that farmers were returning to Singhu and Tikri border protest sites after finishing harvesting their crops.

In a statement, the SKM said that enormous convoys of farmers received the 2 border points on Monday and this may now continue.

“Yesterday, large convoys of farmers arrived on the Singhu border and Tikri border. Farmers were welcomed at many places on their thanks to these sites from Punjab. These farmers, who have travelled in tractors, cars and other vehicles, have made arrangements to measure in tents and trolleys as they were living before harvesting,” it said.

“The farmers’ strike is getting stronger and therefore the protest sites also are becoming larger. Farmers’ tents, trolleys and other vehicles are permanently there for the last five months in long queues. The pattern of farmers returning after the harvesting season will now continue,” it added.

The farmers’ outfit said that the govt was “promoting privatisation” even at a time when “thousands of individuals have lost their lives thanks to the mismanagement of the general public health system”.

“The government should increase investment in education, health and agriculture sectors. alongside taking guarantee of the acquisition and remunerative price for the crops of the farmers, the govt should make a law on MSP and repeal the three anti-farmer laws immediately,” it said.

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