Summer effect at Singhu: farmers start collecting milk from villages

Summer effect at Singhu: farmers start collecting milk from villages

farmers protest Singhu Border
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With the summer at its peak, the supply of milk for consumption of protesting farmers has gone down. they need now resorted to collecting the foodstuff from other villages. Komaldeep Singh Cheema, a resident of Doaba, has been a neighborhood of the protest since the start . He said due to summers, the cattle are producing less milk and is resulting in a limited supply from Haryana. As a result, Mr. Cheema and a couple of others from the district, have decided to gather milk for the consumption of farmers at the protest.

“Those from Punjab don’t prefer packaged or dry milk . Most of them fall sick if they consume it. This essentially has made us plan to take up this initiative,” he said.

Mr. Komaldeep said announcements are being made in five villages since June 2, asking people to donate milk for the protesters. “Some people gave a litre while others gave 2. Some even donated litres, and a few gave a bucket filled with milk. In one among the five villages, people donated quite 450 litres,” he added.

Milk collected over four days was kept in an ice-making unit for preservation. The group then started for Singhu border from Doaba on June 6. “We finally collected 750 litres, put it during a water tanker with many ice, and covered it with wet sacks,” he said.

At the protest site, they drive across the lengthy stretch distributing milk to people and people running langar services. The kheer langar, which was running for months, stopped a short time ago due to milk shortage and also the dishes being perishable.

The group made two rounds from the villages to Singhu and is about to form its third round to the protest site. Mr. Komaldeep said that after she shared his initiative on social media, people from Canada and therefore the UK have called him to increase help.“A man called me from the united kingdom and asked how we were transporting the milk. once I explained we were taking it in water tankers, he said he’ll send ₹1.5 lakh for a special tanker to be built for milk. Another person called from Canada and extended help for unlimited petrol for the journey,” Mr. Cheema said.

Another initiative taken at the protest site is Kisan Express, a trolley fitted with seats for people to be transported from their lodging to the stage. The initiative was taken by Life Care Foundation, Kisan Aid, and Swach Kisan Morcha.

“The reason Kisan Express has been started is to extend the number of individuals coming to the stage area. due to heat and mostly the elderly staying here, it became important for them to possess a vehicle for commute,” said Avtar Singh, who runs a makeshift hospital at the protest site. He added that the battery rickshaw was proving to be expensive and fewer efficient.

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